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My passion for Calligraphy and Art began with a love of copperplate, the moment I first held a nib at five. The love of the magic of words is a precious gift . . . . from my Mother and my directness is straight from my father.

Although I enjoy all styles, Italic has become my predominate script, being the one most preferred by clients because of it’s versatility.

Calligraphy has been my business for well over 25 years and I have served some of the Gold Coast’s largest shopping centres as a calligrapher associated with card retailers such as Kenny's Cardiology TM at Pacific Fair, Broadbeach.
Tracey at workI love the ideas, creativity and challenges that each new day and client brings. I do hand painted work to suit and will help you to find the right words for any occasion.

I love Life and Art and the Art of Life.

I love laughter and smiles and a good sense of humour...and believe.

"No bird soars TOO high… that soars with its own wings."
- William Blake

"Just because it is a rainy day… does not automatically make it a miserable one."

"Life is too short to do anything unless you are absolutely passionate about it."


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